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    Location: Vancouver (Point Gray Area)

    Individual with post polio needs a remote-controlled cart to help move things around her living space. Her disability has paralyzed her below the waist. She moves around by using two arm crutches, and braces on her legs that go up to her hips. She also has limited hand strength and unable to carry things above 300 grams. As such, moving items of any significant weight in her home environment is nearly impossible.

    She has an existing small two level cart on caster wheels, but it is difficult to move it more than a couple feet with her existing mobility. The motorized cart solution could be attached to this existing cart, or be another cart all together.


    Dimension of the top: 31.5 x 34 cm
    The lip around the top is 3.75 cm at its highest point, and 0.75 cm at its lowest.


    This remote control cart could significantly improve her quality of life. A primarily goals is for it to transport her bedpan to the washroom. Her bedpan is larger than the tray on her existing cart, so a bracket to hold the bedpan on top or to the front / side of the cart is a possibility, or making a larger cart with the existing legs and larger trays.


    Bedpan dimensions 41 cm x 22 cm


    Beyond the bedpan, having a remote controlled cart could be helpful with many other many other activities for daily living, such as baking and cooking, moving drinks, moving dishes and meals, and other items throughout her living space. It would provide independence and reduce the need for care aids to perform many tasks for daily living.

    The remote control must be able to be used with just one hand, her left hand, similar to a wii mote or a VR controller. Her other hand will be used to brace herself using her crutch or cane.

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