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    This is for a lady who is an educator for the community. She has been declining for years now and has every disorder and syndrome in the book. She is brilliant and I am hoping this will help her to continue to teach kids for as long as she is able.


    Hi, I can print what you need it will take some time though. I don’t charge. I just need your go-ahead and the hand sizes that you would like.


    Oh wonderful! That’s amazing! I would say that she has little hands so I guess small?


    Hi, I just got back into town and will start working on this today. I will post updates as I am finishing items and when I am done printing so please check here every so often so we can communicate.


    Half way done. I ran out of screws and had to order some more they should be here Tuesday. I should be done printing by then. If I can get your address  through the chat feature I can mail it to you by Friday.


    It’s finished just private message me your address.


    Wow! Thank you so much! She is going to LOVE this. Looks awesome! Address is

    1701 Pleasant Ridge Circle

    Columbus, MS 39701


    I should be mailing it off tomorrow. Check your private messages for the tracking code.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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