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    I need table top scissors. I have no hand or finger function. Right now I use these little pre-school table-top scissors but they are not very sharp, they are small, and they break easily. Would love to have a pair of proper scissors with ‘table top’ handles.




    Maybe you can use thermoplastic material to mold around regular scissors with provision for your hand.



    Hi there. Just messaged you but not sure how that works so also sending through this page.  Let me know if someone is already making the scissors.  If not I’ll sign up to do it.  Thanks, Tamara


    Hi, we are a group of students from the Belmont Hill school, we would love to fulfill your request for our project. Can you let us know more about the design you need?



    Thanks so much for your interest!

    These are the scissors I use now. As I said, they are quite small, and not very sharp. Really, I think I just need someone to replace the handles of a regular ‘adult’ scissors with these handles. One-handed scissors would probably work very well!


    We will get to work on your scissors right away! I’ll set up a chat with you to discuss any further specifications you may want for it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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