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    Hi Maker Made Volunteer,

    I am looking to replace my broken analog sticks with headphone jack attachments as mine are broken unfortunately. I appreciate the help getting me up and running again.


    What part is broken on your thumbstick?  The stick module itself, the box, the wiring, or the headphone connector?

    The picture seems to show 3 wires but a thumbstick usually requires 4, power, ground, horizontal, vertical unless the signals coming out are no longer analog.

    4 wire(mic/headphone combo) jacks, TRRR(tip, ring, ring, ring) are usually only available in 3.5mm(1/8″) or 2.5mm diameter.

    3 wire(stereo) jacks, TRR are also available in 1/4″(6.35mm) diameter.

    2 wire(mono) jacks, TR are also available in all diameters.

    Please confirm which type of headphone connector you require and what it plugs into.  Plugs(male) usually connect to the wire of the removable device, and can be inline(straight), or right angle.  Jacks (female) are usually on a fixed, or main device, and can either be inline on a cable, or panel mount.

    The pictured wires are unshielded and I cannot tell if they have strain relief.  The best approach may be to cut a premade cable with the appropriate end and replace the whole wire including strain relief.

    This is also an opportunity to improve the shape of the box to something that fits your hand better.  A Nintendo Wii ‘nunchuck’ controller is a nice ergonomic shape and can be modified to suit your signal and requirements if you tell us what they are.

    If you are only using one axis of the thumbstick(suspected based on only seeing 3 wires), there are better single axis options.–trampa-vesc-remote-control-c-1524.html

    I’m happy to help whichever route you prefer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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