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    I found this on instagram and I thought it was amazing! I think being able to paint my own nails will give me extra confidence. This is something I have not imagined being able to do myself


    Hi, I can make this for you. Free of charge. Just let me know I  will make it.

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    Hello I am new to the site. Thank you for the reply. can we proceed with this? I would like for you to make it. Thank you very much


    Hello I figured out how to reply. I am interested in having you make the product, thank you


    I am on it. Once I am done will message you for your address.


    It’s finished. Just private message me your address.


    Just reaching back out. I have your items ready just message me your address.


    Hello sorry i have been trying to message private but its not working on any of my devices. i messaged the website about the issue. do you know alternative way for me to send my information safely


    Let me try on my end to message you if not, I will give you my email address.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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