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    Requestor:  @caroller44

    Hello! I am a 17 year old girl going into my last year of high school and I have centralized sensitization disorder along with some other chronic pain conditions. I was super excited when I discovered assistive technology because certain things like carrying grocery bags, turning keys, and opening water bottles are super painful and I don’t want to power through them anymore because it turns out I don’t have to!

    MMC Entry .I.D: 7042


    That’d be awesome!!!
    Yes, those are the devices I’m interested in, and since you offered multiple key turners would be amazing, I wouldn’t have asked but that’d be super useful. My mom said since this is a rare opportunity I should ask for three, since I may have a dorm key in the future if all goes according to plan.
    In terms of colours, my favourites are pinks and purples but any bright colours would do, as well as white since I also intend to decorate these with stickers eventually!
    You said you’d donate the money for materials and shipping, does that mean I don’t have to pay anything? I was thinking of it as an investment since I’d like these to follow me throughout my whole life, but that’s super generous!! Let me know if there’s any unexpected costs that come up.
    This is perfect timing, I just had my first day of Grade 12 today, and I want to get into the habit of using assistive tech at school so I’m not always giving my hands such a hard time. I’m also excited to go grocery shopping with the bag carrier, since whenever I go with me mom I always try and help her carry the bags, but I can only do one at a time since I can use the handles but with this I will be able to reach my full bag carrying potential! (My Mother thanks you)
    Thank you soooo much,


    Hi Mercury – yes that’s free for you and includes shipping. :smile: We have some existing filament supplies at the moment (sometimes we get donations from our members and other partners) and someone has offered to cover shipping. That’s exciting that you have plans for school and dorm living! That’ll be a fun time.

    So stay tuned and just check here for updates. I’ve passed your request on to the Vancouver team and will post updates here.


    That’s fantastic!! Thank you so much again!


    Hi Mercury – just a little update from us. Your devices are being printed this week in Vancouver by a volunteer named Stefan. They are being printed on an Ultimaker 3D printer out of ABS plastic (for strength) and look great! To make them strong sometimes it takes a while for a device to print. The bag carrier for example takes 10 hours on the machine but makes a very strong end product.

    I should be in touch early next week to confirm shipping and get these sent to you. Once you get them we’re also interested in any feedback you have about these designs. I’ll be in touch soon.



    they look great!! I’ve been reading all the updates and comments lol, also white ABS is great actually because it’ll look the best with colourful stickers, so no worries! I’m super stoked and have been sending the pictures to my sister and friends.
    Also I would be more thanb happy to give feedback! I can even include pictures!


    That’s so great! Glad you’ve been reading the updates and that white ABS works well! I also have purple which I’m going to give a go at this week, at least for keyholders. When you head off to school I hope wherever you go has a makerspace on campus! Then you could even print off your own low-cost devices if you want and make customized stuff specifically for you!

    Also yes we would love love to see pictures and hear how the grip is working out for you especially on the bag carrier! And if you are ever in Vancouver come visit us!


    Ooh that’d be super cool, I’ll have to look into that when the time comes! I’m excited to see the purple ABS, I’ve learnt a bit about 3D printing from this experience, which is cool cause I remember seeing them at the public library where I used to live. I probably won’t be coming down south anytime, we actually just moved so we’ll be staying put for a while but if I ever do take an adventure over there I’ll be sure to stop by!!


    Hi  @caroller44, we have your devices ready to ship! We did try some purple, but found the white ABS produced the best quality. Please send me your address by private message and I’ll get these heading your way! Also very cool you’ve learned about 3D printing. We also learned a bunch, figuring out the best way to print these. :smiley:

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