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    I am looking to have a key guard made for a Microsoft keyboard that we can have on hand to assessment and demonstration.

    I am an OT who works on the Assistive Technology team with the Children’s Program in Regina.


    Hi @kimschan !

    I would be happy to work on this with you! I am one of the Engineering interns and Makers Making Change. I was wondering if you could post a picture of the device you want it printed for? If it is easier to show in a video call I can for sure set one up as well.



    Thanks for the fast response!  I ran out of time at the office on Thursday to send you pictures and won’t be back until Tuesday.  I will definitely get some pictures with a ruler taken on Tuesday and post them here.  I am looking forward to what you can build!



    Hi, sorry for the delay! I realized reading my first message I was talking about my other project request. I am looking for a guard for an iPad with the TD Snap screen as pictured. I tried to capture the size of the cover and the grid button sizes.


    Thanks so much for those pictures thats great! I will work on the files for this devices and reach out with more information on shipping and such soon. 🙂


    I am following up my email – I hope you received my pictures.  If not, I will share them again here.  Things have been crazy here so I apologize for the slow responses.  I am still very interested in this item!




    Hi Tyler & Kim,

    Are you making progress on this one?

    I’m happy to help/consult if you need it.




    Hi @ken! Thank you for the message. I believe @shanellew sent this one over to @kimschan a while back and it looks like looks like it is tagged as delivered but my message did not go through. This request has been fulfilled. Thank you for reaching out!



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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