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    Hi there!
    I have a 3d printer. I am just requesting the model so I can build this for my students!


    Hi, here is the link to the thingverse page with the files:

    Thing files for Customizable, 3D-Printable Keyguard for Grid-based, Free-form, and Hybrid AAC Apps on Tablets by Volksswitch – Thingiverse

    There are several different keyguards that you can find the print files for under the ” 22 Thing Files” Button.

    For future use, you can find all files  linked to the project page of each device. Project pages can be found under the “Assistive Devices” tab along the top banner of the homepage of this site. Sometimes the 3D print files are directly linked to the device page or sometimes they direct you to a thingverse page to download them. Both are always linked on the right side of the page slightly below the big black “request” button


    The project is mostly about a keyguard “designer”, not a set of keyguard designs – per se.  However, we’ve recently added a set of ready-to-print designs for a specific set of apps and cases on this page.





    Which 3d printer do you have? I am still relatively new to the 3D printer scene though I have a strong technical background. I have two Creality enders 3’s (one 8-bit and one 32-bit version) and a Creality CR-10. I have become comfortable with and familiar with Ultimaker Cura’s slicer software but have not really used other slicers.

    The setup was straightforward and easy. The printing factory provided sample files that worked pretty well.

    Next, I tried printing files sliced with Cura, but that was a no-go. These prints will not stick to the bed. Seems the printer settings profiles in Cura for this Monoprice Delta printer won’t allow you to print anything. I am reading reviews here now. As I said earlier, I am new to this and after one print failure after another, I gave up…for about a month.


    I don’t know how any review of printers “for kids” can recommend, as their #1 printer, a resin printer…  Seems to bring the rest of the review into question.

    If you’ve already been successful with three printers, you’re no newbie.

    You should look for a Monoprice Delta user group on Facebook and post your questions there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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