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    Requestor: @kpowellslp
    I’m in need of a key guard for one of my students. He has an 8th generation iPad with LAMP WFL app.

    MMC Entry .I.D: 6150


    Hi, what city are you located in?


    Looking at the header line I see you’re in Glendora, CA. Still need that keyguard?


    I will check in


    Hello! My apologies for the delay. Yes, I’m still in need.


    Welcome to the community @kpowell Kristen! @KenHackbarth is our local expert who creates keyguard designs, I have msg’d another partner org located in Pasadena who might be able to print or cut ken’s design once he creates it for you.
    Writing updates on the forum here just helps everyone stay updated on the status of the request esp when multiple parties are involved!


    @ZKv, any word from your partner org in Pasadena?


    Sorry for the delay I was finishing up classes for the week. How should we go about this project @KenHackbarth?


    Thanks for following up. I’m sending a keyguard to Kristen this morning. Would you please follow up with her and see if there’s anything else that she needs?


    ![IMG_20210319_212300168|666×500](upload://1ZvSNwmvnlSnlQkUsrOqDF8b25s.jpeg) Keyguard on it’s way this morning.


    @pasadenaprosthetics @KenHackbarth @kpowell thanks to all of you for this group effort! I thought you needed a printer locally? Wondering if you might need some clips to attach to the device?


    I suggested that Kristen use micro-suction tape to hold the keyguard in place. Clips would require a modification to the design – who knows what the future may hold…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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