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    Hi, we have an iPad using Go Talk Now for our non verbal 4 year Old boy. We are hoping you might be able to help us with a 2 and 4 grid keyboard for it. Please let me know what other info you would need!



    If we get all the information- Ken would you be able to create and share the files with me and I can print the keyguards?

    @suerache14 Can you provide us with the size/version of the Ipad  you are using?


    Hi, thanks so much! We use a protective case for the iPad (see pic) which restricts the screen area a little.

    Width of exposed screeen 22.8cm. Width at indent for screen button 23.1cm

    15.7cm height

    Slight angle in recess all around, about 1mm.

    iPad is a 6th generation. visual screen area is 19.7cm x 14.7cm


    We are working on the file for your Ipad size right now, should be able to get it printed and dropped of to you sometime next week. I will reach out via chat to work out the details.




    Hi @suerachel4 ! I have come up with a model based off of your dimensions given. I think I will need a few more measurements to make sure it will be the right size.  I just wanted to clarify if the device will be used in landscape mode or upright? Also, I am wondering how large you want the cutouts for the app icons to be? right now they just take up an equal amount of space as can be seen in the photo but these can be resized.

    Let me know what you think of the current model photos below, it is oriented in landscape mode currently with 2 rows and 4 columns


    Hi thanks so much. I will send you the dimensions for the windows that are needed. They are specific to the software we are using. I can do that tonight I hope. Is it possible to send you details for a 2 window and a 4 window set up to have 2 printed? Right now we just use 2, then we will progress to 4 choices.

    Also is it possible to print the keyguard in black or a dark grey? This would be best for his visual needs.


    Yes I will be able to print in black!


    Yeah, we will be able to print two for sure! I just will need the dimensions and then we can get the first version over to you to see if they fit or any tweaks need to be made 🙂


    Hi! @suerachel4 Just wanted to follow up on this. No rush but I wanted to give the alternative to measuring the screen squares, instead you can take a screenshot of the Go-Talk screens that you want designed for and then that will help me make the measurement for the print 🙂


    Hi, I could get the screenshots most easily, thanks for suggesting it! Attached are the 2 and the 4 grids. It would be great to have access to the smaller buttons at the bottom too, for moving between pages etc. Many thanks! Sue


    Hi @suerachel4


    Just wanted to reach out that we are printing the devices. Once completed I will reach out for delivery in January.




    Thanks so much Shanelle! Have a great Christmas and new year. Sue and Simeon x


    @suerachel4  Hello Devices are printed. I sent you a private message to work out delivery details.



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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