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    Interresting challenge. Could you post a picture of the earring as I suspect they may be very different? Do you have an idea to start out with?


    Looking for a device for someone who doesn’t have the best finger dexterity due to multiple sclerosis. Something to help put on the backings of earrings. Cannot align the hole in the backing with the earring post.



    I’m actually working on this for another requestor. We have the general layout and function, the first working prototype should be ready in the next week (or sooner). You can follow the progress here:

    Post earring back applicator

    Hopefully it meets your needs as well.




    Hey there,

    I never requested this device nor did I make this post. There seems to be an error when the forum transferred which mark me as a maker of this post. The original was requested by  @ckelley92620

    Sorry for the confusion, thanks.



    Here’s a screenshot of what I meant. I don’t have MS, but I did request a Lipsync Gaming awhile back. Thanks 😊


    Thanks, I’ll try to find the original.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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