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    Requestor: @beccapiazza
    I have many neuro symptoms that are being pursued by a neurologist. In the meantime, I have hand tremours, tingling and numbness in my fingers that can make it difficult to hold pens or pencils when I work or create artwork. Hoping this will help.

    MMC Entry .I.D: 5825


    @MMC_Shanelle and @Tyler_Fentie did you see this one as well? Needs to be moved to Maker Wanted, but wanted to check in first on the status…does this need a maker?


    @beccapiazaa and I spoke via email to confirm a delivery plan


    Awesome thx for the update


    The Pen Again ergonomic pen helps support the hand during use and also provides more control. Another idea is a reusable twist tie or gear tie to bend into a pen holder and attach to the wrist or forearm.


    thx for the idea Heather!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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