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    I was so excited to see this since this is a task I often struggle with! My car has a normal gas cap but it is a Nissan Rouge 2015 if that makes a difference.


    Hi @nat , I can make this for you!  I teach a robotics and engineering class at a high school in Joliet, IL, and we have been looking for more ways to help people with our 3D printing capabilities.


    Also, do you have any color preferences?


    Wow thank you so much! I would be happy to help pay for materials. What are your color options? My car is baby blue but I also like the pink in the picture. Honestly I would be happy with black too.


    I could definitely do black.  I have a few other color options, unfortunately no pink right now.  Currently we have white, black, green, copper, brown, light blue, dark blue, 2 shades of red, a glow in the dark clear/blue, orange, and yellow.  No worries for this project on material reimbursements.


    Yellow would be awesome! Thanks so much

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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