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    Hi, I am an occupational therapist working in a public school district in Florida. I have many students who could use something like this and am looking forward to trying it out with them. Thank you for your help
    Derian Anderson



    I’m at a school in Michigan and have a group of students looking for a project. Did you need exactly this system that plugs into a computer or were you looking for something that is more general?


    Hi, Thanks for your question.  Something more general, not plugged in to a computer would be better, actually.  Then the student wouldn’t need to have a computer with them all the time.  The only thing it would need to have is a 3.5mm female jack to plug an accessibility switch into to turn it on and off.


    In this case batteries will be required. We could basically adapt the Switch Tester for this. We could put the LED on an elevated arm to make it easier to see. We would also use a flashing LED rather than a standard one.

    Feel free to email me directly to work out details:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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