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    A user in Vancouver has requested a modification for a hospital bed remote control.

    The request is as follows:
    “Hi, I require a modification to a hospital bed remote control for a client with dementia. Requires simplification from 6 buttons to 2.

    I have a picture once match is confirmed.

    If you feel confident you have the skills to complete this project, please let a reply below ,thanks!


    I suspect the requester is looking for something like this, to simplify the operation of the remote control:



    @fawzan.fsl you interested to help with this one?


    I’m interested in helping out!


    saw your email to her! Great! Have you heard back at all?
    When she replies can you paste to this thread on the forum to encourage her to come here to discuss the project? This way whatever conversations you have regarding how this would work can be seen publicly for anyone who might want to attempt something similar?.Once you get the device, feel free to post pics of what you are doing as other may be interested! Thanks @fawzan.fsl !


    Would be great if we could gather some feedback on the design and post it here so others can benefit! Interested to know how it turned out

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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