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    Preference for tiny dots or target textured design, but could also use dome or even simple flat button. Preference for solid bright colour even with textures (child has a visual impairment).



    I have not attempted the multi-color printing yet, however I’d like to give it a shot for this request.

    Regarding the colours, what are your preferences?  Basically i’d need a colour for the base, the button, and the dots/concentric rings on the button.  I have green, red, blue, black, and pink available.  For the red and blue I also have a fluorescent version that has more “pop.”

    Do you have a preference for the pattern on the button itself between the small dots and the concentric rings?



    @cjwright01 Thanks so much for being willing to make a button and the battery interrupters for my daughter!  For button colours, it would be ideal if the base could be black, the button fluorescent blue and the dot pattern red.  Thanks again!


    Great, I’ll get work work on printing the parts while I wait for the other components I ordered to arrive.


    @cjwright01   Thanks so much Chris!


    Switch and battery interrupters are all built and tested.  If you could send me a direct message with the address to ship them to then I can get the postage cost from Canada Post.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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