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    I have multiple staff with dexterity issues. Having one of these would allow them to open and close the drop in center independently as opposed to waiting for coworkers without dexterity issues to arrive and unlock the office or center.


    We are a group of makers in a design class near San Diego, Ca.  We would love to print these for you. What color would you like? How many?  Would you like the text customized for your school or business?  Would you like us to include the screws for attaching the keys to the turning/grasping aid?


    Thank you so much!!

    Color isn’t terribly important but our logo has blue and green in it so that might be nice.

    4 would be perfect if possible and the screws would be very helpful.

    If you can put “CICIL” on it for text that would be great, or “Rooted in Independence.”

    This is super exciting and I appreciate your help!



    Awesome! We are on it and looking forward to fulfilling our class’s first request.  I will message you for delivery details.


    Ready to ship! Just send the delivery address and we can get these in the mail this week!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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