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    Requestor: @daniellebaarschers

    Hello, What is the cost of materials? thanks!

    MMC Entry I.D: 5010


    I emailed this user to invite them to the forum
    @SRv could you forward this to Designability? They’re in Hamilton right?
    In canned emails there’s a template to show them how to get on the forum


    I don’t think they have access to a laser cutter, though. The laser cutter folks who specifically do AAC boards are in Ottawa: [ComputerWise & Outreach – Ottawa Foyers Partage](https://ottawafoyerspartage.org/what-we-do/)


    I just heard back from the requester’s SLP, and got more details:

    * they’re based near St Catharine’s

    * they’d really like to have two, based on the Bridges’ [E-tran Board](https://www.bridges-canada.com/products/9594-1) pattern.

    The request is definitely still active.


    I’m in Toronto, and have a laser-cutter, but it’s only a 5-watt blue laser, I don’t think I can cut clear&colourless acrylic. Could this be cut in other colours and/or materials?


    Great to hear from you! We’ve just found a maker who’s local to the requester and has a laser cutter, but thanks for the offer. I’ve never used a blue (diode?) laser, but clear acrylic needs quite a bit of power for a clean cut.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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