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    I’m an occupational therapist working with a little fellow in grade 1 and I’ve been trying to get him a keyguard so he can type on a mini keyboard but they don’t seem to exist commercially. Would love some help with this.


    Hi @cindy,


    My name is Shanelle Waiting and I am a MMC staff. To get the correct dimensions can you share what size table and how many squares you would like for the key guard?

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    Hi Shanelle

    Thanks for responding so quickly.  I don’t have a keyboard just yet, I’m looking to get a compact keyboard to use with this little guy.  I hope to buy one this weekend and can give you the dimentions next week.



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    Hi Shanelle

    This is the keyboard I got:

    The dimentions are mentioned on the link:

    height: 124mm.

    width: 279mm

    depth 16mm

    This little guy is in grade 1 so not needing the function keys yet, but he will be using all the keys below the top row.

    The letter and number keys are 15mm in diameter and I think the holes would need to be that size in order to accommodate his fingers.

    Also, he would need the escape and delete keys on either end of the top row.  These keys are not round, but are 15mm across, so the holes could be the same as for the letter keys, 15mm round.

    The larger keys: back, enter, shift, space bar etc… could be 15mm round or 15mm deep by wider.

    I have not made a maker request before, so I’m not sure if I’m asking too much.  Please feel free to let me know what is reasonable for you to be able to make as I honestly have no idea.

    Thanks for any input you have.

    I’m happy to answer any of your questions.





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