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    Hello! I have a patient who uses a Tobii Dynavox i15. He requires a key guard because he uses direct selection with his pointer finger as well as eye control. He often hits multiple buttons at once due to the palm of his hand hitting the screen, so he would benefit from a key guard that only has a small portion of each button open to be touched.

    Thank you so much!


    Hi Ellen,
    Contact me via this web page if you’d be interested in creating a 3D-printed keyguard for your client:


    Welcome to the the forum @ellen and thx for offering to help Ken! Let me know how things progress. I will check in shortly


    Thank you, Ken!!! I’ll be contacting you shortly!


    I’ve sent a keyguard to Ellen. We’ll see how it works.


    Thanks @KenHackbarth you’re the best. Will check in again in a bit to see how it works for @ellen


    Hi! Happy new year!
    Just checking in-how is this request coming along? Any updates? Let us know if you need help @KenHackbarth @ellen


    Last email I can find, I sent the keyguard to Ellen’s client.


    Hi!! Yes, it is great!! Ken is wonderful!!


    Great! So it works? So glad you two were able to connect-Ken is the best


    @ellen we’d love if you could review this device! It really helps us in gaining credibility in the DIY AT world.

    Laser Cut Keyguards

    just click review. This should cause the screen to scroll to the bottom(you might have to scroll back up a touch to fill out the forum)



    FYI. My keyguard designer now supports designing laser-cut keyguards:

    Designing a Keyguard to be Laser-Cut



    This is awesome Ken! Thanks for letting me know!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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