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    ## Request for Laser Cut Keyguards (Dunlap, IL)

    Request Note:
    Hi. I am a speech-language pathologist working in a public school in Dunlap, IL. I work with life-skills students, many of whom use AAC devices to communicate. I am looking for someone to help design a touchguide for an Accent 800 device. Please let me know if you are able to help!

    ### Project Page

    [Project URL](https://forum.makersmakingchange.com/t/laser-cut-keyguards/84)


    Hi @hmichelini, thanks for joining us on our new forum! I’m Hannah, the Information Specialist for MMC and overall forum moderator. We’ve started chapters in the US to facilitate the areas we support outside of Canada, and we do have something called a Community Champion in Naperville, which means we have someone dedicated to spreading the word about MMC and hopefully helping it blossom into a fully-functioning chapter.

    As far as those able to fulfill this request, I will share this with the team and see what we can do. In the meantime, makers active on the forum can offer their assistance from anywhere, so hopefully you can find a partner soon!


    @Gurbaksh_Singh Would you be able to help with this?


    @Hannah sure I can check and help as much as possible. Please let me know how should I start and what things I need to make for this request other than the design?

    I am new to this community..!!
    And Open to talk more about how I could contribute for MMC. 😊



    ![IMG_3615 (1).jpg|4032×3024](upload://yCwJbfr1D4B0LBGPXVlNa6cndQa.jpeg)

    Hi, I am not sure what information you need from me for this project, but I’ll tell you what I’m looking for.
    I am a speech-language pathologist in a public school in Illinois. I work with students with complex communication needs. I have an AAC device that I need a touchguide for. The AAC device is an Accent 800 ([https://store.prentrom.com/accent-800](https://store.prentrom.com/accent-800)). A touchguide looks like the attached picture, but I need one with 28 opening holes. The other attached picture is a screenshot of the device screen (although the picture looks like it is attaching upside down). Please let me know if you think you would be able to design a touchguide for me and any other information you need from me. Thanks!!



    Heather Michelini, M.S., CCC-SLP/L
    Speech-Language Pathologist

    Dunlap School District #323



    If you’re not committed to transparent or acrylic. I could help you design a 3D printable keyguard. More info here: https://volksswitch.org/index.php/volks-devices/fully-customizable-3d-printable-aac-keyguard-for-tablets/



    That would be great!



    If you were responding to me, send me a message via the form on our contact page: https://volksswitch.org/index.php/contact-us/




    Please contact me via the “contact us” page referenced in my post if you’d like to be involved



    Hi Heather, I guess I could make something for this Device. I will be free after 25th January,2020. And
    I’ll surely get back to you with some design. 😊

    Gurbaksh Singh ( Techie Baksh )


    Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the information. Yeah, i will join you soon once I will be back from vacation.

    Keep Making..!!😇

    Gurbaksh Singh


    @hmichelini could you please give me the measurements of this device along with all columns and rows. if you can measure all the corners and boxes.?? I cant get the device here in India for these measurements. but if you can measure perfectly then i can sure design one for you…which you can later get it 3D printed. Please feel free to talk to me anytime. Attached a pic for your reference to do the measurements.. ![image|502×376](upload://dwtmoNjgNTaBMZa5iQ4FOu72K8W.jpeg)


    Sorry for the delay, I work part time.
    Here are the measurements on the device. Please let me know what other questions you have.



    [Accent 800 Measurements.pdf|attachment](upload://ndftbeska6KwM16SlFMGjfpZRcg.pdf) (2.66 MB)


    Thanks for the details..!!
    I am now making a 3d design for this. I will update you soon. I hope you will be having access to any 3D printer near you.


    @hmichelini @Hannah
    Dear Both,

    I have designed a prototype for Accent800 (28 Grid Key Guard).
    **Please find attached .STL file,** you can print it and check if it fits fine on the device. Kindly share the pics for my reference so that i can give you an improved design sooner.

    [28Grid key guide.stl|attachment](upload://2ASblcSVWF8LduX6bzbQw1KKiYD.stl) (30.0 KB) ![28Grid%20key%20guide_Model|690×402,50%](upload://1gXrbnrxXP64ZCHPv3B9VrsT7Dc.jpeg)
    Warn Regards,
    Gurbaksh Singh (Techie Baksh)

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