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    Hello Maker,

    My name is Aaron Price, I’m a Peer Counselor for AbleGamers. This switch is for a gamer that is being helped by AbleGamers. The gamer needs this switch to operate an Xbox Adaptive Controller to play video games. It will be one of many different pieces of equipment that AbleGamers is acquiring for the gamer. I plan on purchasing the rest of the gamer’s equipment next month.

    Making video games accessible would mean the world to this individual. You’d be bringing a bit of fun into his life.

    Thank you very much for your time and help!

    Aaron Price


    I guess our old conversation is gone. This is just a status update. I have the PCBs and have the switch built minus one part. The trimmer I found is in the wrong orientation. It needs to be top mounted and mine is side mounted. I found the proper item and it should arrive in a day or two. I tested the switch with the trimmer I have and the good news is that it works great, so once I get the new one soldered on I’ll be ready to ship.


    The new potentiometer arrived. It is installed and everything tests well. I am ready to ship this to you at the warehouse you mentioned. Please reach out via chat or here with the address and any requirements/requests regarding shipping you may have.



    Sorry for the late response. I was off work Monday and Tuesday. I’ve been playing catch-up since yesterday.

    You have it finished. That’s amazing! I’ll speak to our Warehouse manager about shipping. He can email you a shipping label for the box/package. He’ll just need the approximate weight and dimensions of the box you’ll be shipping the Light Proximity Switch in.


    No worries. The package is 6″x4″x3″ and weighs 10 oz. Will you be able to open and review the package before sending it on? I’m a bit concerned about the battery. I turned the sensor down to the lowest setting so it does not easily trigger, but in the box I’m thinking it might be “on” for the entire journey. I could remove battery, but it is screwed closed which does not make it convenient to open and close. I will send it with a spare just in case but I figured that if you can open it and leave it out that will help the battery survive. I assume the recipient will have someone to help do things like replace coin cells and turn small screws.


    Our current warehouse manager only works part-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it’s the end of the day now. I’ll have to get him that information next Tuesday. Most likely he’ll issue a shipping label to me on that Tuesday of next week.

    The gamer’s mom is able to help out with replacing batteries for the switches. Right now we don’t have anyone in-house who can test products before we ship them. I’ll just have to notify the gamer about the possible battery drain and the need to replace the battery if the product doesn’t work right away.

    Thank you for all the work you put into this.  I’ll get back to you next Tuesday!



    The AbleGamer’s warehouse manager created a shipping label for the package. I’ve attached it to this reply. Let me know if you need anything else.


    I got the label printed and the box is going out today.


    Awesome, thanks! I’ll let you know when we’ve received the package.

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    We received the package and sent the Light Proximity Switch with the rest of the gamer’s equipment to the gamer’s house.

    Thank you so much for making this for him! I can’t wait to ask him how he’s doing with it. I’ll let you know when I hear from him.



    My pleasure. If you have need of more of those, I now have the makings for 9 more on hand. If I can help in any way please reach out.


    Will do! Hopefully the gamer will have a chance to try out the switch in the near future. If it works out really well for him, I may very well reach back out for another switch.

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