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    Is this similar pressure needed to activate like a computer mouse click? I can’t press anything harder with my middle finger. If so, I will gladly pay whatever the costs to get one built and sent to me


    @jrobinson @lyonsm @thomasd can any of you help out with this request?


    Hi again @bob, just realized I didn’t answer your question. This button is light touch by design, so very low force required to activate it. I’ve also sent you an email in case these notifications have been going to your Spam folder.

    Perhaps @noamplatt or @loretodalt may be able whip one of these up for you. They’re pretty small and light so shipping shouldn’t be too much.


    I am still very much interested in getting one of these. Is there anything else I need to answer or details I need to provide to proceed?


    @MMC_Justin Hi @bob I would be happy to fill this request for you! I will reach out to you via message to discuss delivery details.


    Thank you so much. I just replied to your PM

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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