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    ## Request for LipSync

    Request Note:

    First, thank you so much for helping me. I would like to use LipSinc (or maybe wireless model) for my mac and Android in my bed. I am 64 y. old, quadriplegic due to an automobile accident since 1986.
    I would like to discuss project with you.

    Thanks again,

    ### Project Page

    [Project URL](https://forum.makersmakingchange.com/t/lipsync-by-makers-making-change/94)


    Hi Dusan,

    Thank you for your request. Can you tell us what area you live so that we can connect you with the correct people in your region? We would love to help you with this.


    I live in Chicago




    @dusbos I believe @SRv has sent your Lipsync-let us know how it works out! Once this ban has been lifted we can get you some help with a mount. If you still need a mount could you submit it as a request via the site? Then we can update the request status easily. Moving this request to “archived”



    Lipsync supposed to come yesterday but tracking shows it is still traveling



    Hi @dusbos yeah the mail system is slower than usual cuz of COVID unfortunately. I sent a letter in the mail April 20 and tracking shows its ***still*** in transit! And that’s within Canada! Hope you get it soon! Please remember to leave your package for 3 days before opening to avoid any potential contamination by shippers. We want to make sure you stay healthy and safe!
    Take care and let us know when you get it!



    Finally I received LipSync and today 3 day quarantine expired. I don’t have as much help as before virus but today somebody will come to set it up. I will let you know how it went.

    So I would like to thank you to everyone involved in making this possible for me. I’m very grateful to all of you.



    So glad this worked out Dusan! I hear you are in communication with @SRv re troubleshooting as sometimes happens with long distance tech! We can get you the help you need-we have a whole national team dedicated to help! Will be in touch-moving this request to fullfiled!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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