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    My best friend was recently in a bad car accident that has left him a quadriplegic. He is in a dark place right now trying to adjust to his new life, and trying to make sense of things. At the moment he wants nothing more than to be able to work again and feel useful to his family. His company is willing to give him some remote work but I know he’ll need some assistive technology in order to effectively do what he does (EPIC systems trainer). I’m trying to help him get his home office set up but I can’t afford to buy the technology he needs. If someone out there is willing to help me, I can come up with the financial and technical support to help build or buy whatever he needs. Please, if someone can help me build this or at least give mea 1:1 guide on how to make it, I would be forever grateful to you.


    I am sorry to hear about your friend.  Can you tell me where you are based?  which Province?

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    @swinterflood62 – Thank you for your reply and kind words. We are located in Gainesville, Florida, 32653 in the United States. If you are willing to help, I am willing to pay for all costs to make him one or get it to him.



    Hello! I’m a chapter leader from a high-school robotics team here in Gainesville, Florida.  Would you like for us to help with your request?



    @labrewster  – Yes, if you could please help us, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll send you a message now to work out the details.


    Hello there! We have accepted this request for build. We’ll be in touch regarding any specifics once materials arrive.

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