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    I would like to use this with my XAC. Thanks!


    Hi, I’m Ken Bice. I’m a maker in Verona Wisconsin US.

    I’ve been collecting all the parts needed to make two of these devices, for two other people requesting them. One of those two people has decided not to get one, so I’ve signed on to make one for you instead.

    I should tell you that it’s been difficult getting all of the parts I need to build it for you, but I’m extremely close now. The most elusive parts are being shipped to me right now (I hope), so within a week for those. Two parts are on backorder until Dec. 22. But that’s all the parts I should need.
    Once I get the parts in hand, I’ll have the 3 circuit boards built (a week) and assembly will begin.

    You mentioned you want to use it with your XAC. I had to look up that acronym (I’m pretty new to assistive devices). It’s great that you already have an Xbox Adaptive Controller. The code I’ll load into the LipSync is made for that, so it should be easy.

    A question or two for you. What’s your name? And where is Edmonds? I think I found it in the state of Washington. Is that right?

    To reach me, just send me a reply to this message through MMC. I’ve marked the message so I get notified of follow-up replies via email. I hope you can do the same thing. Before, for another case, we didn’t know when someone had posted a reply.


    Hello Ken, Thank you so much for doing this and sorry for the use of acronyms! My name is Eric Rea and I am a c5-6 tetraplegic living in Edmonds, WA. I  just started using the quadstick recently. It helps a lot with gaming, especially console games like the xbox. I want to use the LipSync as well and wont be backing out on you. I understand parts are hard to find these days and dont mind waiting. I’ll do my best to reply quickly, but I was a dummy when I signed up for this and used an email account that I keep for spammy stuff, so I wont really see the notifications when you message me from here. I cant figure out how to change my email, but will see if the admins of this site can assist.


    Thanks again for your help!



    Thanks for your reply, Eric! I too sometimes use a spammy email for things I’d rather not see. So thanks for that warning.

    I will keep you up to date as I receive (I hope) the last 4 needed parts. I’m about to send an order for the the printed circuit boards to be manufactured – that only takes about a week, so I have time for all the soldering and installing on the other parts as much as I can.

    Nice to meet you, Eric.

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