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    Hello – I am an occupational therapist working with a man who had a stroke that impairs his left side. He would love to be able to play PlayStation 5 with his son – and would need a right handed adaptation so that would allow him to use only his right hand to manage the controller. Is anyone able / willing to create this?


    Hi @callydonahue. I was wondering where you are located at (if you feel comfortable sharing)? I am one of the Junior Mechanical Engineers at Makers Making Change and can try to put you in contact with some volunteer makers.




    Hi @tylerf – thanks for reaching out.  I am located in Medford, Massachusetts – about 10 minutes north of Boston.  Do you know any volunteer makers who I could contact in the Boston-area?  Thank you! Cally


    Hi @callydonahue! Myself and others at The Belmont Hill School would like to print out an adaptation for the controller that would allow the man to use the controller with only his right side using this design: . Could we get in touch with you in order to find out where to send the controller attachment once it is complete and any other information we might need? Have a nice day!


    @emmertco Thank you for taking on this build!

    It seems my response didn’t come through here on April 28th so just to give you some context. The MMC team is based in Canada but has volunteer chapters all over Canada and the USA. Unfortunately, at this time we can not ship open source AT devices across the border. So the wonderful folks at Belmont High School will be able to print and send you the device as they mentioned above.

    I will take a step back here and let you both collaborate but I do want to mentioned, @callydonahue , if you have any feedback for the device after you receive it please message back here on the forum or reach out directly to me at [email protected] to discuss what you liked about the device or how it needed to be improved.


    Hi @emmertco! I apologize for my long delay. Yes, I would be thrilled to connect with you, to coordinate how your team at Belmont Hill School could create the right-handed PS5 controller for my patient. Could I give you my contact number and you could give me a call during the 2nd half of this coming week? Best number to reach me is (508) 577 8207. I will contact the patient Monday and find out if he is comfortable giving his address. Then when you call me, I will have an address to give you. Let me know if giving me a call during the 2nd half of the week is doable for you. Thanks! Cally

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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