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    ## Request for Palm Pen Holder

    Request Note:
    I have a student who struggles with fine motor skills. Writing is the hardest thing she does. I am hoping the palm pen holder will give her more independence instead of having to have a scribe write for her.

    ### Project Page

    [Project URL](https://forum.makersmakingchange.com/t/palm-pen-holder-by-makers-making-change/97)


    Hi @sabramolsee! I have contacted a maker in your area who is not currently on the forum. Will let you know what the reply is. Thx for your request!


    Sounds great! Thanks MMC_Zee!


    @will @mlevac @michaeljd33 @mike2 @loretod @FutureMakersAcademy @Bham_makerspace @labrewster @Professor.Zia Can any fulfill this one in Idaho?


    I am working with Jason to fulfill this request. He isn’t in Idaho but has agreed to mail it. Do I need to log in and change the request so everyone knows its being worked on?


    Hi! Great! Glad to hear!
    Don’t worry, I can move it to Requests in Progress. Thx for the update! Jason who? (just so I can match you up in our system. /last name is fine)


    Jason Yeung is the maker


    OH great! thx @Jason-PrintLab! they make great curriculum for teachers who want to bring 3D printing to the classroom. Pls reply here when you receive it!


    Okay, what do I need to do on my request so it shows its in process?


    Just reply to this thread and say recieved! Admins can do the rest! Thanks!


    Palm pen holders and 3D printed pens ready to ship! @sabramolsee, would you be able to inbox me the address?

    ![palm pen holders 1|690×388](upload://f2rQqgOZ6Q5xOFtRO4Nq9trb7ug.jpeg)


    Hi Jason,

    Thank you so much!!! Those look amazing!!!


    Make sure you don’t post your private info on the forum!
    I cut this out and I am sending your address to Jason via DM(you can do this via the top right profile then click the envelope icon on the top right..)
    thx! happy you found a maker @Jason-PrintLab thx!!


    @sabramolsee please reply when you receive these and we will archive your request! cheers!



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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