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    I want this hanger to hold my parking permit



    Hey Janet ,

    Is this something someone at VHS could possibly take on?



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    @wait4u18 I could make and send this for you. Do you have a colour preference? I currently have orange and white as options 🙂

    Please let me know.



    Thanks Shanelle – if Russ isn’t able to take that on I’m sure we could in the Van chapter.


    Hi @janet, I had actually just been waiting on an update. I did take a look at it, and if the .stl file is accurate sizing for what’s needed my printer won’t actually do the print that big. I can only go up to 210mm wide.

    If you would be able to take care of that I’d appreciate it. I’ll do some research on what the size would need to be though as it seems a bit out of scale and I might actually just need to scale it down for being the correct size.


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    Hey Russ – all good! I’m sure we have a chapter member in Van with a slightly bigger bed than usual. That does look like a larger print with that hook on there. I’ve floated it out to the group and if someone can do it they’ll respond here. Cherers!


    Hi @wait4u18 a Maker @janet found Has printed this, can we get this to you? Feel free to send me an email – [email protected]


    I  would like to have an orange hanger.




    Hi @wait4u18 I have this delivered to me from a VHS member but it is black. Happy to mail it to you or have you pick up from our office in Burnaby, whatever works best. Shoot me a DM or email to [email protected] and I’ll get this to you. Thanks, Chad

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