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    Would love a hanger to protect my handicap parking pass, thank you so much!


    @Janet is this some VHS would be able to take on?




    Hi @shanellew! I’m sure the Van Chapter could take this on. I’ve floated it out to the team to see.


    We could take this on and are in PoCo.  Do you have dimensions?


    Hey @byong, I could make this for you and send it out soon. Would purple or blue work for the colour?


    Purple would be great thank you!


    Hey @byong, I’ve been working on the parking pass hanger and I realized that I need to print it in PETG to stop it from possibly melting in a car during the hot summer months. The only PEATG filament colour I have is black, would that work for you? And also is your parking pass a sparc BC pass or a different kind?


    Hi @joshcbaxter black is just fine — it’s just a standard SPARC BC pass thank you =)


    Hey @byong, I have the print and am ready to send it out, can you give me your mailing address in our chat? Thanks!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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