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    I am very much hoping this can be a Christmas gift for our daughter (severe HIE, trach and gtube) She has learned how to hit the 1 switch toy we have and are excited to give her variety.


    Hello, I’d like to help with this.

    I’ll purchase the toy, follow MMC’s instructions to modify it, and ship it to you.

    Do you have assistive switches, or do you need those as well?

    I should be able to get the toy to you by Christmas, but if you need them, switches will likely take longer as I’ll have to order parts and recruit a friend to do the 3D printing.



    Hey! That would be wonderful thank you so much. And we have 2 switches here so we don’t need any. So as long as the toy has the jack we should be good. This is great news. We’ve been having a horrible time trying to find toys for her.


    All done!  Target had the toy when I ran errands this morning and I had the jacks on hand, so no waiting for supplies.


    Hey that’s great! Sorry this is my first time so I’m not sure what to do now? I’m so excited! Thank you so much!


    Jessica Cunningham


    My first time, too, so we’re both learning as we go.  I’m finding the site is a bit quirky.
    I sent you a chat request to get your mailing address.  Click on my my username in one of the messages above, which takes you to my profile.  Then click the chat link from there.


    I shipped it yesterday.  It should arrive 12/16.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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