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    ## Request for Personalized Cuff Utensil Holder

    Request Note:
    I am a quadriplegic with limited hand and finger function. I am looking for ways to hold and use different items to help with independence.

    ### Project Page

    [Project URL](https://forum.makersmakingchange.com/t/personalized-cuff-utensil-holder/69)


    Hi Ken I am the Community Coordinator, I will connect you with a maker to fulfill your requests!


    Thanks, keep me posted



    I can help Ken.


    I’ll need three measurements for your hand, then some more measurements for the utensils you want to manipulate. This web page describes the 3 palm measurements that are needed: https://volksswitch.org/index.php/volks-devices/palm-loop-measurement-tool/. You don’t necessarily need the tool to make these measurements. Also, send me your email address via the contact form on this page: https://volksswitch.org/index.php/contact-us/




    The hand measurements are:

    Palm width = 90mm

    Palm height = 38mm

    Palm loop = 15mm

    I also left my contact info on the webpage requested. If you have any questions, let me know.


    Ken Young


    Thanks reaching out to help! Glad to see Ken’s helping Ken’s!


    Just checking in to how this request is coming along-can you give us an update Ken? Thx so much for working on this request!


    Hi Zee,

    I sent a pair of custom styli and mounting systems to Ken last Tuesday. I haven’t heard back from him yet regarding whether they’re working for him. I expect to.




    great! thx so much for sending. @kenbjyoung2 let us know if you received them!


    BTW, when I said “I expect to.” I meant that I fully expect to hear back from Ken. I have no expectations that the styli will or won’t work for him. Everyone is different.



    Yes I did receive them and they are beautifully done. The left hand fits well, the right hand is very snug and not sure why unless my measurements were off because they are made to the sizes that I gave. No muscle control in my hands and fingers make them more difficult to get on my fingers.
    I have some appointments this week and have not had a chance to mount the holders to my desk. I hope to have that done by sometime this weekend. Let me try them for a few days and I will get back to you. First thought is I tried them on my pc keyboard and they work great once I got them on. Being able to use two hands is much better than just one.



    Thx for the update! Let us know if you need any tweaks.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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