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    Requestor:  @nikilefebvre

    Hello, I can’t get the title section to work properly. I am an OT that works with children. I have a 7 year old palliative boy on my caseload that likes playing video games on his nintendo switch and on his x box. He has very little use of his left hand, so need a controller that he can use with one hand.

    MMC Entry .I.D: 6935


    Hi  @nikilefebvre, this looks like a good request for some of our Edmonton Makers. @MMC_Tyler can you reach out to some of your local contacts to see if they can help out?


    Hi  @nikilefebvre! Thank you for putting in this request. Below I will tag some makers that may be able to take this on. I will also link some potential solutions for both the makers and for you to view to see some existing solutions. I am curios if you have access/ have ever used an xbox adaptive controller? This may be a possibility and also works with adaptive switches like the ones on our website.

    @miguelhmoliveira  @jktieh  @leungkam Hey Makers! Please reply to the forum post if you are interested in taking this request on.

    if you need joycons to measure or practice sizing I can lend mine anytime, I do not have an xbox controller though but I am sure we could source one if you don’t have one. I did some primary research on potential current solutions for Xbox/switch controller adaptations for single-handed play:

    • This 1 video shows a simple 3D printed model being used to attach two joycons in a one handed position. I found a link to a similar device on thingiverse here
    • here is a link to a more complex one handed set up for some joycons.
    • here is a link to a one handed adaptation for a x-box controller. Not sure how well this one would work and looks like it requires some soldering aswell.
    • PS4 adaptation 1 here is the link to the original project request. This may be able to be altered for a xbox or joycon system.

    Hi everyone,
    I’d love to help :slight_smile: I can definitely take this one on if the other makers are busy. My schedule opens up after this week.


    Hi Tyler, Thanks so much! I did see the commercially available controllers, but didn’t know how well they worked. I am not a gamer myself so have no clue – haha!


    Hello Warren, That would be amazing. I’m not sure how the process works as I have never used this service before. You can email me directly at [email protected] if that’s easier. Thanks


    No problem! I am located here in Edmonton and am one of the engineering interns. I have used an Xbox adaptive controller (XAC) before and found it to work really good and lots of our community uses it for gaming both on a PC and console.

    @janellesingh is our Chapter leader here in Edmonton and is a biomedical technologist a the Glenrose. She has used the XAC before with clients for gaming and potentially can share some insight into this.

    As for how the process works we recently uploaded three videos on our youtube channel on

    This should give a good overview of how the process works but please let me know if there is any other questions.

    Thanks  @leungkam for taking this on! there may be a good opportunity here to add a joycon adaptation to the website aswell as a device in the future so please keep us up to date in the prototyping/problem-solving stage.


    Hi  @nikilefebvre ,

    I’ve used the Xbox adaptive controller before it’s easy to setup and makers making change have some adaptive switches and the Lipsync that can plug into the controller. Depending on what your client can do we can find a switch or switches that works for him. Those switches would correspond to a button press or joystick command within the game. I have an XAC, a gaming Lipsync, and switches if you’d like to try it out? It would help to have a specific game in mind so we can plan button setup. I’ve also seen a cool hack for using an XAC on a Nintendo switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZsaFPN0IrA .

    Let me know what works for you and we can talk about how we can get something to him asap.

    I can help with putting in a request and getting it fulfilled through makers and also where to source an XAC. The family would only need to pay for the cost of materials if there are any plus the XAC.



    Hello! So sorry for the slow response. I was away for a bit and then when I tried to message you the forum was not working.
    Could you connect with me directly on my work email at [email protected]?
    The first piece of info I’m hoping for is to know approximate cost to the family? Like how much for the products you mentioned?


    Hi  @nikilefebvre,

    No worries. Let’s chat a bit about consoles and games. Then we can figure out what components you need. We also need to figure out access for your kiddo, which I’m sure you have ideas on. I’ll email you shortly on your work email. Once we determine what they need it will be easier for us to put together an estimate for you to acquire all the pieces you need.

    Talk soon,


    Hi  @janellesingh

    Just checking in to see if you need any support on this project with any devices being printed or other makers helping out?


    Hi @MMC_Tyler,

    Spoke to Niki yesterday. I’ve sent Niki a video on adaptive gaming and the Nintendo and Xbox adaptive controller information, she will talk to the family and see if they would like to pursue a trial with the XAC and some switches. I’m trying to get the Nintendo adaptive switch through the hospital, but I don’t have one yet. He still has mobility in his left hand, unable to use his right hand.

    I have the MMC gaming switch set so I will set them up with those if they need. I’ll let you know if we need anything else.



    Thanks so much for the update and work on this Janelle :slight_smile: Let us know how the trial goes with the XAC/switches


    Hi @MMC_Tyler,

    We can close this request. I’ve talked to Niki and she said the family has an iPad set up with games and it’s working well for him. If they need any controller mods she will contact us.



    @janellesingh Thank you for the update I will archive the request.

    @nikilefebvre Please let us know if any other devices in our library would be of interest to your family.

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