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    I am an OT on the Assistive Technology team with the Children’s Program in Regina. I work with children who have low vision, motor disorders and developmental disorders. I would like a set of these letters to attach to one of our assessment keyboards to assess and demonstrate during our assessments with children from all over southern Saskatchewan.


    Hello @kimscha,

    I am new to this wonderful site.  I’m not exactly sure how this process works.  Do you know if digital files are available for this project?  Do the colors need to be as shown in the photograph?  I hope I can help.





    Hi Jarrod,

    My name is Shanelle and I am the Western Regional Coordinator for MMC.  The files for the devices are linked in the project page.  If you have any other questions about the process or using the website please reach out.




    Thanks for the reply Shanelle.  I am not sure if I’m on the project page or not.  I do not see the files.  Do I have to click on “Make It” to see the files.  I want to help, but I’m not sure if the colors are necessary and if I’m capable.  I don’t want to commit if I’m not able.



    Hi Jarrod,

    Thanks for the fast interest!  I hope you can find the plans for the raised keys.  Ideally, if each row is a different colour for the letters that would be great.  It helps the kids with visual impairments in scanning the rows.  Then I can give hints “the letter you are looking for is green”. You don’t have to stick with the colours in the picture, just pick 4 colours that are distinctive from each other.

    Any more questions, I will try to check in through the weekend as this account uses my work email.




    @windhjb  Check out the link here for the files:

    You should be able to see everything in the link under Setup & Instructions.




    Thank you.  I was a bit confused as to how to get to the project page, but I’m now found it a made a test print.  I should be able to do this, but I currently don’t have enough different colors.  I have red, green (as seen in photo), yellow, and brown.  If I understand correctly, I need five colors.  I could do another row in black, but that might get confusing, if the color of the keyboard is black.  Thoughts?



    I would say repeat one of the colours.  The top and bottom row could be the same colour since they are different characters (numbers vs letters).  Thank you for continuing to try this project!


    Sorry for my slow responses – I work part time and don’t see your emails unless I am at work.



    Brian here in Ontario

    If this request for keyboard lettering is still needed, I can print them off in the colors requested tomorrow and sent them off to you.

    Brian Bauman

    [email protected]



    Hi Brian,

    Yes I am still looking for these letters.  If each row can be a different colour that would be ideal but definitely can repeat the top and bottom rows as same colour.  Things have been slightly crazy here so I have not been monitoring my account well.  Thanks for your patience.


    Printed off the raised letters today. Attached a couple pics for you to have a look at.

    Thinking maybe the light blue row could be the darker blue (sample on right) for better contrast?

    Let me know and I can quickly have it in the mail for you.





    Thank you for this sample – I apologize I have been off with a family crisis.  I agree that the light blue could be darker to have a better visual contrast.  If you would still be willing to reprint that line I would appreciate it.  You can mail the letters to me at :

    Kim Schaan  Occupational Therapist Children’s Program  Wascana Rehabilitation Centre 2180-23 Avenue Regina SK S4S 0A5

    Thank you!



    Letters in the mail as of the 21st. When your back to work, have a look and see if the colors work for you. I did reprint in a darker blue the one row.


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