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    (This is NOT for a “Reading Bar”- there was no device name option for an iPad case). I work on an Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Team. I am reaching out on behalf of a client. The client has Autism and a brain injury. He constantly uses his 8” Amazon Fire iPad iPad for self-soothing. Various iPad cases have failed because he bites over the case and causes damage to the screen. The family built a wood and Plexiglas case on their own. The wood was thick enough that the client could not open his mouth wide enough to bite it and the Plexiglas provided additional protection. This worked well until it got slightly wet which damaged the porous wood. I cannot seem to find any case that would meet the specific needs of this client. I am hoping someone on your fantastic team would be able to provide some support/direction on our next steps. Thank you for your time and consideration. — Madison Davis


    I’m new here, but willing to work with you.  Do you have a picture of what they used to have?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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