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    Hello Chrissy,

    I will send you an email with some tips to get you up and running on the forum. @MMC_Tyler can you tag some local makers and see if they would be willing to take this on and we can start working on the details from there.


    Hi Makers! @livtronchin @miguelhmoliveira @preshalv @jktieh @leungkam @helenhoang26

    Please reach out here if you would like to take on this request. Approx builds time for the toy hack is less than an hour. I can provide you with a soldering gun and drill as those are required. Happy to answer any questions about the build if you have them!


    Hi @MMC_Tyler
    Not sure if anyone took this one on already but I can do that one!
    I can’t seem to tag @Chrissy, but I can try to contact them


    @MMC_Tyler, can you please help me get in contact with @chrissymcgale?


    Hi, @leungkam Thank you for your patience as we worked through some forum access issues. Looks like you have been connected through email


    Hi @leungkam just wanted to check in to see how this request was going and if you needed any support?


    Hi Tyler,
    I had emailed Chrissy about sending an email but never moved from there
    I’ll send another email right now


    Thanks for the update @leungkam


    My 4 year old son just got his first switch adapted toy last week for his birthday and it’s changed his world! A fast favourite! I’d love to give him another with more cause & effect options 🙂 no rush and we don’t need the switches but would happily take more/pay for switches too. Thank you! You’re doing amazing things and changing kiddo’s world’s 🙂

    project page:


    Hi @leungkam ,

    I have purchased a remote control car with two buttons on the controller that we could look into switch adapting? Would you like to try to do that? Let me know.




    Update:  I’ve switch adapted the RC toy car and we will be meeting with Chrissy Nov 19.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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