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    Hello, My son recently was gifted by his Therapist 3 different light up wand Toys. He actually was also gifted one that looks the same in the photo and 2 other ones that have a snowball theme inside of the globe that spins lights inside of it too. My son is Visually Impaired with CVI and attends a Vision School. We use a lot of these types of toys during his trexo sessions to keep him engaged to walk and keep his head up but also in Speech therapy to say lights on and off. The only thing is my son also has a tone issue and has Hypotonic CP. We need a way to keep his light wands standing on his tray so he can activate with his switches to turn it on and off when his therapist asks him to do so. I am looking to get 2 one in a red base color and one in a white base color to match his current wands we have at home. I can help support and pay for the shipping cost if that helps. Please email me if it is easier to communicate back and forth that way. Thank you! I really need help on this project. My son would benefit tremendously with this support.


    Hello! I might be able to help you with this. Could you clarify what specifically do you need done… do you need the toys that you already own to be modified, or would I be purchasing new toys, modifying them, and sending them to you? Or do you just need a 3D printed accessory that you will attach to the device?

    If possible, please send your reply to [email protected] so we can communicate easier!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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