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    @Janet Hi Janet, I am just working to get @katywon set up on the forum, but is this a request you can help out with?



    Hi @MMC_Shanelle I’ve let the Vancouver team know about those 2 requests. I’m about to be offline for a few days but if anyone can handle it I’ve asked them to hop o here to let you know.


    do you have a example of the kind of bubble maker you want adapted. I assume it will be a battery powered one?


    Yes a battery operated one. It’s my first time using this forum/website. So I’m not sure how it works. Am I suppose to buy the bubble machine for you to adapt?


    Hi, Katy
    I am not sure how it’s usually supposed to work usually.
    In my case, I am leading a electronics/toy-hacking workshop for kids in New West. I will see if there is budget for a bubble machine, if you don’t mind me using the bubble machine as an example.


    I don’t mind at all! Thanks Mimi


    would this bubble maker work?\n


    Preferably not too loud of a machine


    Hi, @shanellew
    I forgot to close this. The bubble blower’s been long sorted



    . Thanks for letting me know I can remove the request.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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