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    Requestor: @Zeek
    From user @Sen
    My 2 year old son has severe HİE (brain damage) from a birth injury and is nonverbal but could use his hands to press switches to help him communicate and to play with toys. We need help adapting toy and making some switches
    İt would help him tremendously to be able to use different switches to turn things on. May also need an interface?

    MMC Entry .I.D: 6287


    This request is from the switch expression of interest form from the nyc event series. @loretodalt @Professor.Zia @larioc This or some sort of toy(nothing specific noted) Follow up needed re type. Can prob be built with our next event with Fairplay. Just keeping you in the loop.


    Thanks Zee! I emailed this user twice but have not heard back yet.


    I think she left her number in the spreadsheet? try that otherwise, lets move to archived


    kk, I’m usually back to back and not near a phone during work hours and feel weird calling at night. I’ll check with Emily if she has some time during the day for outreach. Will keep you posted…


    @emaker if you can, could you try connecting with this requester to get more info? (the number is in the nyc switch expression of interest spreadsheet)


    That’s for getting that going @ZKv I was just about to What’s App her 😉


    @emaker and I both sent out emails for follow up with no reply so far. There is no phone number available for follow up.


    Ok thanks

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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