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    Hi  @kariannharrison I am one of the Engineering interns and am currently located in Edmonon! We would be more than happy to match you with a volunteer that would be able to try to get this device for you aswell as discuss the other devices you were potentially interested in. The way organization works is that the requestor (you in this case) only pays for the material cost of the switch. On all of our devices descriptions we add the approximate cost of the device. But which method of reimbursment you would give to the volunteer maker for the material cost is up to you. I will link here a short video that describes the process of requesting a device. Link to Video on how to request a device 3

    @miguelhmoliveira  @leungkam  @jktieh Hi Makers! I just wanted to tag y’all down here to see if any of you would be able to take this request on. This device requires some 3D printing and potentially some CAD design if the water bottle does not fit the current size or the attachment to the wheelchair is different. Here is the link to the device page. There is potential for a collaboration of makers too where one takes on the 3D printing and one could work on the designing if they do no have access aswell.

    Please respond to this post if you are up for taking on this request :slight_smile:


    Hi everyone,

    I’d love to help! Just wanted to give the other makers a chance to think about it first. If no one goes for it I’d definitely do it :slight_smile: I guess let’s wait till the end of the week?


    @kariannharrison looks like your account hadn’t been activated for the forum. I’ve updated it now.


    Yeah that sounds good  @leungkam! Thanks again :slight_smile:


    Thanks @MMC_Tyler for tagging us in the post! I’d be available to take on or help with this request as well. @kariannharrison if you’d like to connect, you are welcome to send me a message or email me at [email protected].



    @livtronchin just made a really neat large gyroscopic swivel drink holder that can attach to a wheelchair. Olivia do you mind sharing that to see if it would work for  @kariannharrison as well?

    Talk soon,


    @janellesingh  @livtronchin That is so cool! That likely would make a good device for the library ( @MMC_Justin) ! Feel free to share the stl files and such here id love to do a test print of it  @livtronchin


    That sounds great to me as well. Send some pictures once you get it printed and assembled please.



    @kariannharrison  @leungkam  @jktieh have been connected via email due to some forum difficulties.

    @livtronchin No rush on this as I know you were affected by the Forum outage but when you do post the information on your version of the gyroscopic holder feel free to attach the link to that post here incase these makers/user could benefit from using that design :slight_smile:


    I am so grateful for the responses to my request. I am a maker as well, I wish to offer my services. I have just moved…and I need to unpack and settle in. There is one other thing. I am learning play guitar, my fingers are too short too hit some of the chords. Made me think of Jeff Healy and how he would play his guitar on his lap.

    Intrigued to see if anyone has ever designed something to assist a person to chord progressions on a guitar. .(finger extensions…lol that’s what I wish I had… :wink:



    I am currently working to get the proper dimensions for the requestor and working with  @miguelhmoliveira to print the device when specs are figured out. :slight_smile:


    Hi  @kariannharrison – I hope all is well. I sent over a email last week to follow up on this request. I am still looking for the diameter of the water bottle so we can determine which device is the best fit and how we can adapt it to suit your needs. Feel free to reach out via email or on here to touch base on the request.


    My favourite color is purple and I use a 32 oz water bottle that doesn’t fit in standard holders and I use a mobility walker. I take meds that dry my mouth out so I always have my water bottle handy.
    Not sure how this works but perhaps we can trade.
    I also suffer from arthritis in my hands and am curious about the writting aids. Thank you.


    I have this cup holder on my front right down-tube as different wheelchairs shown in this site. It works great. Wisdomking is the only place I can find one like it. It can be positioned on the inside, outside or side of the tube. Its easy to just pivot it into position.

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