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    I really appreciate this technology. I am a paraplegic but as I age and due to nerve pain I find griping things so much more difficult and painful. Getting off the lid from paint is a pain! Looking forward to trying this. Thanks


    Hey @sfactiveliving I’m going to try printing this device. Not sure how well it will work, but interesting experiment. Do you have any preference of colour? I have red, white, translucent, neon green, glow in the dark, black and magic sparkling purple.

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    Hi just wondering, is there something specifically you are looking to open? You mention paint, but this is more of a bottle cap / bottle size (like a soda). Is that what you are looking for?

    Or is it to open a smaller bottle top, like a paint tube / toothpaste cap?

    Tube Opener

    No problem either way, just curious to “what you want to get into”… perhaps it is both. 🙂



    Hi @sfactiveliving et al. I went ahead and tried printing this device. After a few tries, I got a great looking print in stylish red.

    Unfortunately, echoing some of @chadl ‘s concerns, I don’t think this device is going to work for you. I was personally unable to use it for its intended purpose. The biggest flaw is the lack of teeth to grip the bottle cap. I will relay my feedback on the design to the creators on the forum here ( linked in the heading Twist Off Bottle Cap Remover ).

    My recommendation is to consider one of these designs , which seem to address the problem more effectively.

    If you’d still like this device as-is, I’m more than happy to ship it, but absolutely no guarantee of suitability. I think you’re much better to change this request to one of the designs above. I’ll be there to print it.


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