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    I wasn’t familiar with latch hooking so had to look it up to get an idea of what is involved. (This video was a good start:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zveh_dWZsSE)

    It may be possible to create a 3D printed grid/canvas in addition to the tool. It looks like they are typically more flexible, but at least as a first step a 3D printed grid could provide an easily customizable hole size. There are flexible filaments available, though they tend to be less common.


    Message from user:
    “My son with poor fine motor skills desperately wants a hobby. I think he could learn to do a hook rug but we would have to build up to it. The standard kits that they sell are all too small to start off with his poor fine motor. They do make larger hooks but they are only larger at the handle. I need for the hook to be bigger too, because you have use both the handle and the hook. I would also have to make larger mesh to start, but I think I can do that. The latch has to be moveable so that it can be open and closed easily. So I would like to hook rug hook in a large size.”

    Here is an example of what a rug hook looks like![hookrug|368×481](upload://hCtAueGzO8cge5gBJZ55vHQtCLU.jpeg)

    Project may have to be slightly customized to fit rug hook: [https://makersmakingchange.com/project/utensil-holder/]

    Please reply below if you can help!


    @mlevac is this something your students may be interested to work on?


    Hi. First post.

    I don’t think this at the “Maker Wanted” stage yet. The user is looking for a new hook and latch mechanism (the metal parts of the pictured item). That’s a new design.

    Even adapting the 3D printed utensil holder to fit the existing rug hook would take more than stretching the STL. That’s a new design too, but it’s something I could help with if I had the CAD file of the utensil holder and the rug hook. But I don’t think that’s what the requester wants.


    Hi @dalesd Welcome to the forum and Community. Good point.
    I am not an engineer(just a humble Community Coordinator) so I appreciate your insight as to the modifications needed being a bit extensive.than I thought.
    This is now moved to the Seeking Solutions category(under Design Challenges) and if you’d like to work on it that would be fantastic!
    Some of our users(including this one) haven’t created a user name for the forum yet so I will check in with them to get them onto this thread as well. so you can discuss!


    @acbibby80 Welcome to the forum Adrienne. Here is @dalesd who has offered to help! If you want to exchange any private info between the 2 of you, like phone or address, disability details etc click the top right and click message twice to create a Direct message between the two of you. Our videos I sent will cover this as well. I hope you can find a device that works for your son!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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