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    Requestor:  @bob

    Details to follow, unable to post directly in this field for some reason

    MMC Entry .I.D: 6920


    Project goal:
    –hotword (wakeword) detection to voice control a simple switched device

    Project details:
    –power wheelchair user needs to be able to switch speeds on his controller entirely by voice
    –controller has built-in buttons for this purpose, but also includes a 1/8″ mono input jack to enable the use of an external switch
    –any external non-powered switch works for this input
    –I figured it might be overkill, but a headless RPi with a hotword-enabled microphone array can fulfill these needs and can easily be powered from an existing USB port on the wheelchair

    I have:
    –RPi 3b+ with power supply, HDMI monitor, mouse and keyboard
    –MATRIX Labs Matrix Voice Standard microphone array
    –recent version of Raspberry Pi OS installed with VNC capability
    –barely enough experience in UNIX to get me in trouble, although I am good at following tutorials

    Steps attempted/completed so far:
    –physically installed Matrix Voice onto RPi
    –paid a coder on Fiverr for custom directions/coding for my project
    –attempted to complete his steps, but it doesn’t work like it should
    –coder on Fiverr no longer responding to help me troubleshoot

    I need:
    –software and libraries installed correctly for needed project
    –the coder’s directions modified (fixed) or discarded and replaced
    –specific guidance on what physically needs purchased/wired to the board to turn it into a working a mono 1/8″ plug to insert into the wheelchair controller

    –if a simpler solution exists I am not married to this project


    Hi again  @bob. The devices in the Makers Making Change library are not for use in critical, safety related or emergency applications. These are only intended for daily use in non-critical settings (i.e. toys, gaming, etc.).

    We’re not able to help out with the voice control of wheelchair as this is outside what our community is for. You may want to try connecting with the people at Tetra Society though. They’re a great group and work with these types of applications more regularly. Here’s the link: https://tetrasociety.org/


    @bob The breath switch that you messaged me about has been shipped!



    Hey Justin, I did not realize that what I was asking for was beyond the scope of this community. I will follow up with the Tetra Society, thank you for the link


    Thank you, I can’t wait to try it out. I will gladly provide my thoughts and feedback to you after I try it out in various applications

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