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    ## Self pedal and trailer capabilty tricycle

    Project Idea:
    I have an 8 year old son who has osteogenisis imperfecta, with dwarfism. When does not have any broken bones is mobility is limited. What I am looking for is a tricycle/3 wheel pedal vehicle, that easily attaches to a bicycle as a trailer. That way he can pedal until he is tired, then I can connect it to my bicycle and pull him. Hopefully, if he wants to get out and ride in the neighborhood, it is something that can be used by itself for small rides in neighborhood.


    Sounds like what you could use is a bicycle trailer that would either capture the front wheel of a standard tricycle and leave the back wheels on the ground or would hold the entire tricycle – a modified version of this:

    Then your son could ride any tricycle that caught his fancy.


    Yes, this is the path we are looking for. However , due to his size we are unable to find a tricycle big enough, and other options are too big. With his disease we are concerned about a bicycle with training wheels, as he has already broken bones just over a 100 times.


    Do a Google search on “extra large tricycle”. Do any of those images look right?


    From what I can see, they look too small or to large. Now we are thinking maybe we will need to get something made that possibly can also be powered to walking speed, but not too fast. Hopefully something that can be pedaled as well.



    Something like this would work. Then we would need to trailer it, or somehow connect motor for when his legs get tired.


    I assume that trailering the trike could be a simple as lifting and attaching the front wheel to the bed of the trailer if the rear wheels are (or could be) decoupled from the pedals – i.e. if the trike can “coast”.


    We are now trying to figure out if we could take a recumbent bike and make it power assist so that he can pedal and get assistance when tired. I have found this option, however it cost prohibitive. What I have found is $2500 to $3000.


    Did you find a solution for your son?


    I know everyone’s situation is different, so these might not be the right solution for your son, but we had some Amtrykes in the loan closet at the last place I worked and the families that borrowed them either really loved them or they didn’t work for their kid. Here’s a link to their site: [AmTryke](https://www.especialneeds.com/brands/amtryke-special-needs-tricycles.html?ne_ppc_id=1693608605&gclid=Cj0KCQjws536BRDTARIsANeUZ5_LUeURCJotsOl6jnz46hv9MSnEDs_buH2P5JzqW8u26-YP9YgovPQaAhkIEALw_wcB)

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