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    The shoe horn would be to help people with limited mobility put on socks and shoes from a standing position. Ideally, it would be collapsable for travel and have a metal hook on the end to better grab shoes.


    Would love to help.

    Can you give us some more details about what it may look like?

    Can you also tell us about the capabilities of this person you’re trying to help.



    Hi, as a project in school we are helping those who need devices that can be made. Can you give me an illustration of what this device would look like?


    We are in the process of working on a collapsible dress stick and would love to adapt it into a shoe horn as well.

    Reach out:


    We are  a group of stidents from Croatia, from high school Zvane Črnja in Rovinj. Our group has 4 members: Fran, Toni, Matej, Borna. We would love to help !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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