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    ## Signature Guide but larger

    Project Idea:
    I work with an SU student who could benefit from having a signature guide but big enough to cover the entire page to help her write in a straight line.
    I think that this idea combined with the usage of a pen ball can really change her experience as a college student!


    Hey @medney, thanks for submitting an idea to the forum!

    This seems like a pretty straightforward project. Can you add a little bit more information to this thread? A rough sketch of what you are thinking may help entice a designer to tackle it.


    Hello Medney. Did you find a solution for this student yet? I got a great tip from a group of parents. They suggested taking regular lined paper, putting Elmer’s glue across each line, let dry. Then the paper has “bumpers” to keep writing straight. There is also a device that is commercially available- letter writing guide. Its a plastic template similar to a signature guide that goes over a full page.


    @atrc do you have a link for this? Would love to see what you mean Heather! Thx for chiming in!


    @ryanhall are you or the Valley makers working with @medney on this?


    The Pen Again ergonomic pen may be easier to use for your student than the ball pen holder. It comes in ball point pen or mechanical pencil. Plus, it looks more trendy if the student is concerned about standing out.


    We didn’t work on this, but we would be happy too!


    You two know each others contact info right? Just reply here once you follow up! Thx @ryanhall!


    @ryanhall wondering if there’s any update on this? Did you two get in contact?


    Hello everyone,

    if you still need a larger version of the signature guide, I would be happy to help out!

    Please feel free to let me know in the forum or private message me. Thanks!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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