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    There are two “Hand raisers” on the Makers site, but both require USB connections. I have spoken with a couple of OTs, that are looking for a simpler, no computer required solution. The input should be any standard assistive switch (so a switch jack to trigger), with an output just turning on a light. It should be bright / visible enough that the light can be seen in a classroom with lights on. An indicator light close to the switch jack would be good so the student knows it has been activated; but the main lighting would be mostly mounted to the back of the kiddo’s wheelchair and pointing up. My thought is a simple LED light string with a batter pack would do the trick?


    As it turns out some of my students are already working on this. They have two versions in development. One has a PVC pipe to elevate the LED. The other will rely on something like LocLine with a clamp to elevate the LED.

    The LocLine version is simply a box with two jacks. The assistive switch can be plugged into either and the LED is plugged into the other.

    Attached are pictures of the PVC version. They used a pingpong ball as a diffuser for the LED to make it more visible.


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    @dickie this is tremendous! Do you have a bill of materials and the stls? I like the clever control box on the back of the chair. Sorry I missed your reply earlier, but let me send this to the couple of people that have asked, this looks right up the alley.

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