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    Smartphone Magnification Stand

    Library Link: https://makersmakingchange.com/project/smartphone-magnification-stand/



    This inexpensive 3D printed smartphone stand will allow for a smartphone to be held up while it is being used as a magnifier.¬† This phone stand may be beneficial to someone with visual impairment that requires text to be enlarged or better contrasted to its surroundings in order to read it. The phone stand is designed to hold the user’s smartphone up high enough from the page that the camera on the back of the user’s phone can fully focus. The inspiration for the design of this phone stand is credited to the Visor Smartphone Stand.


    This phone stand is intended to be paired with a magnification app that one can find in the app store on their phone. The phone stand holds a phone parallel to the surface it is placed on and is easy to slide around. The user will place the phone in the phone stand, and place the phone stand on top of the sheet of paper they are trying to read from. A magnification app will allow the user to choose magnification, contrast, and lighting options  that will help them most clearly see the page. The user will then hold down the page with one hand and move the phone stand and phone with the other as needed to read across the page.

    Smartphone Magnification Stand in use

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