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    I am looking for guidance/ideas on how to create a sofa that lifts up & down. There are all different kinds of powerlift CHAIRS (eg, chairs that raise and tilt you forward to a standing position, big La-Z-Boy type chairs, etc)…. but I am specifically looking for a sofa with this functionality.
    I’m envisioning a flat/horizontal powerlift platform that the sofa sits on top of, and the platform can raise/lower with a remote. Perhaps a scissor lift platform to go under the sofa? Something similar in concept to physical therapy tables which the height can be adjusted up/down via a pedal remote. Perhaps an adjustable base for a twin bed could be used?
    I need the up/down functionality because I am only able to stand from elevated positions (22″ is the absolute lowest I am able to stand from). I do not need the “tilt forward” function that some powerlift chairs have.



    Surely this could be made, right?! I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/recommendations! THANK YOU!
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