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    I’ve been playing around with some of the crimp style connectors from the Solderless Unibody Switch and came up with a potentially very easy solution for switch adapting plush toys with internal buttons. I’m hoping to gain some feedback and insights to improve the implementation of this method, but I think it could be a very successful way of completing this toy hack!

    Required Tools/Parts:

    General Process:

    1. Remove the batteries. (will need the screwdriver here)
    2. Near the bottom of the case by the printed “Item No.”, carefully tear the fabric by 1/4″ to expose the zip tie underneath. Cut off the zip tie knot to release the casing from the fabric and pull the casing out to expose the wires protruding from the back of it.
    3. My_Pal_Casing
    4. Select a single pair of wires going into one of the limbs of the toy. (the 4 wire pairs in this toy are coloured as brown, green, grey, and purple)
    5. Cut on of the wires in the pair and strip 1/4″ from each new end, then twist these exposed ends back together.
    6. Cut the audio lead/splitter so there is at least 5″ of cable to the jack end, and then strip 1″ off the wire end to expose the internal wires.
    7. Take one of the internal insulated wires and strip 1/4″ off it.
    8. Using a crimp connector, insert the twisted together wires from the toy in one side and the newly exposed audio lead wire in the other, then crimp the connector with the pliers.
    9. Repeat steps 5-8 on the other wire in the pair with the remaining internal wire of the same audio lead.
    10. Insert batteries into the casing and plug in a switch to test the connection. Then remove the batteries to continue.
    11. Apply heat to shrink the coating on the crimp connector (if it’s a waterproof one), then wrap the entire section up with electrical tape.
    12. Repeat steps 4-11 for each pair of wires.
    13. Pull the female audio leads through to the outside and using the new zip tie, “reseal” the casing back into the fabric of the plushy.
    14. Label the audio leads to correspond to each limb. (could be done with masking tape and a pen or even different coloured paints)

    I haven’t put together any formal instructions with images yet, so please let me know if any steps are not described well enough. This method will allow for either the internal buttons or an adaptive switches to be used for activation of the toy.

    The below image shows the above mentioned connection unwrapped. Note: Ignore the larger green wires wrapped around the casing and the torn fabric as this toy was from an older incomplete toy hack.


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